José Ramírez Medium & High Tension Strings

The silver plated wound for bases are specifically computer balanced.  It gives absolute quality for timber and intonation, as well as a powerful sound.  The material of the nylon strings has the best quality we could ever demand, and its response and intonation ensures a perfect sound balance.

Medium Tension

E – 6.88 kg
B – 7.00 kg
G – 7.30 kg
D – 7.70 kg
A – 7.50 kg
E – 7.90 kg

High Tension

E – 7.06 kg
B – 7.13 kg
G – 7.75 kg
D – 8.75 kg
A – 8.35 kg
E – 8.80 kg

String Tie

String-Tie is a remarkable new guitar accessory, and it is revolutionising the way classical guitarists change strings. Not only does String-Tie make changing strings easier than ever, it may actually improve the musical tone of a strummed or plucked guitar. No matter how often you change your guitar strings, you are going to be faced with the challenge of tying the string ends in a secure fashion. You can tie each end in a traditional twist, or you can tie the ends into a half hitch or fancy knot. The only requirement is that the string not slip when tuned to pitch.

Available in black and brown