Project Description

When we thought about the project we liked the idea of showing an image of Spain related to the Spanish Guitar and the Spanish Wine, both nationally and internationally.

In fact, one of the few musical instruments in the world whose nationality is part of its name is the Spanish Guitar. Therefore, in 2011 in the Messe of Frankfurt, we presented the Wine Series, thought as a series with a unique design based on the wine aesthetic.

All José Ramírez Handcrafted Guitars can be ordered with a thinner neck, which thickness is 1,9 cm to 2,00 cm on the second fret. Please specify this at the time of order.

This guitar can also be built with “cámara”.

Technical Specifications
  • Scale : 650 mm or 664 mm

  • Top : Solid Red Cedar or German Spruce

  • Sides and back : The sides and the back can be made only with Indian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood or Indian rosewood and coral.

  • Fingerboard : Ebony
  • Neck : Cedar
  • Bridge : Indian or Madagascar Rosewood
  • Finish : Lacquer or French polish

  • Strings : Ramírez high tension 3rd in carbon

  • Optional : 8 or 10 strings

Guitar Demo