The Ramirez Collection

The Ramirez Collection

The House of José Ramírez, Spain’s longest established guitar maker, was founded in Madrid in 1882. Over many years it has built and conserved a Museum Collection of instruments constructed by members of the family and other great Spanish luthiers, many of whom were trained in their workshops.

For the first time in this long and distinguished history, new and unique recordings of these highly important guitars, including those that belonged to the legendary Andres Segovia, are presented here played by Brian Whitehouse, concert guitarist, composer and aficionado.

By Brian Whitehouse

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All these wonderful instruments, displaying over two centuries of the luthiers’ art, are beautifully illustrated together with detailed descriptions. Photographs and notes relate their place in the history of music and biographical details are given of the luthiers, players and composers contemporary to their construction. Many interesting anecdotes are told and the project captures, in a highly illuminating way, the spirit of these wonderful artistic creations – The History and Romance of the Spanish Guitar.

A wonderful contribution to the literature and recording history of the guitar. Carlos Bonell – Concert Artiste, Professor of Guitar, Royal College of Music.

If you’re interested in the history of the guitar, then “The Ramirez Collection” will reward you … the recordings are very good … Brian’s performance sounds wonderful … great pictures and archive shots too, make this an enjoyable book and CD. – Steve Howe