Plain Concert Model (Classical or Flamenco)

Plain Concert Model (Classical or Flamenco)

This guitar can also be ordered with the Camara fan design.

From 2015, all José Ramírez Professional Guitars can be ordered with a thinner neck, which thickness is 1,9 cm to 2,00 cm on the second fret.

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Handcraft is an anachronistic profession: a lighthouse that illuminates amidst the currents caused by the forth industrial revolution. The time and devotion she needs are antagonistic to the rushes, to the serial products with planned obsolescence and the fashions that change of trend every year. With her, a unique product is born, with soul and timeless, custom made and chosen from the heart.

We spent hours in the process of creation that we shared with the instrument, with care and gently, from the passion of our job, the same that we put in each of our guitars. Time is on our side for woods to grow old and give an excellent sound, so that our hands work on quality, and the coating ends up crystallizing and it is absorbed by the wood, and above all to listen to and learn from our musicians.

In this context it was necessary the guitar we have the pleasure to introduce to you. It is the first, the door to this revel world that advocates for quality, good work and durability. It is our baby, the first of all our artisan guitars, much more simple due to its fan bracing and design. Its woods give voice to our characteristic sound: round, warm, with a range of overtones and good projection, although its aesthetics don’t reach the beauty of her older sisters. Its comfort and versatility are two of its best characteristics. It is suitable for professionals, students of the Superior Conservatory and any guitar lover that wants to enjoy a high quality instrument.

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Camara Fan Design