Aranjuez A400 Concert Silver High Tension

Aranjuez A400 Concert Silver High Tension

Juan Orozco about the A400 nylon strings:

“The Aranjuez “Concert Silver” is the perfect string for today’s concert guitars. It emphasizes the tone’s clarity and provides that rich sound that invariably bewitches the listener.”



• Highgauge=hightension
• Silver-platedbassstrings
• Transparent,”Calibrada”-gradetreblestrings • Warm,roundtone
• ThemostwidelyusedAranjuezstring

NEW: Aranjuez “Advantage Packs”

6+3: Set with three additional bass strings
Players who agree with the string gauges selected by Juan Orozco for the Aranjuez sets can opt to purchase an attractively-priced “Advantage Pack”. Experience shows that the metal- wound bass strings wear faster and need to be replaced long before the treble strings. That’s precisely why each Aranjuez “Advantage Pack” contains three additional bass strings, saving you the expense of buying a complete new set.

NEW: Aranjuez “Bonus Packs”

Take 3: Bass and treble strings available as separate sets.
Countless trial sessions with the world’s most prestigious concert guitarists have allowed Juan Orozco to select a perfectly balanced lineup of bass and treble strings for his Aranjuez sets. But given that some guitarists prefer to use different gauges, most Aranjuez string sets are also available as separate “Bonus Packs”—at an amazing price!